Chrysanthemum Care Checklist

Chrysanthemum Care Checklist

My favorite fall flowers are chrysanthemums. I love their cheerful blooms and colors! I have a couple that come back year after year. Today I have a post from my friend Sargam with a Chrysanthemum care checklist to help you grow these cheery flowers successfully year after year. A guide to making your Mums last … Read more

How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

Keeping the honeybees in your area happy and thriving is so important to the environment. Bees help pollinate the Earth and keep plants and flowers populating, which in turn keeps the planet beautiful, the air clean, plus many other benefits. You can help make the bees in your area feel welcomed and comfortable when you … Read more

What To Plant With Poppies

What to plant with poppies is a big question! Spring poppies put on a beautiful show for the week or two that they are blooming, but you’re wondering what to plant with poppies? The problem with poppies is, they’re fabulous while they last, but as soon as their cheery blooms fade you can be left … Read more

Holly Berry~ One Of My Winter Garden (and Christmas) Favorites!

Holly is one of my favorite Christmas plants. It’s beautiful in the winter outdoor garden, and it also adds some beautiful red and green color to indoor decorations this time of year. I love holly’s waxy green leaves and beautiful red berries. Legend says holly helps to ward of bad spirits, that’s where the tradition … Read more