How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

Keeping the honeybees in your area happy and thriving is so important to the environment. Bees help pollinate the Earth and keep plants and flowers populating, which in turn keeps the planet beautiful, the air clean, plus many other benefits. You can help make the bees in your area feel welcomed and comfortable when you plant a bee friendly garden. A bee friendly garden such as the one described below will attract honeybees and bumbles, the more calm and gentle of the bee varieties. Take a look at how you can be sure the garden you plant this season is bee friendly so you can do your part in making the Earth a better place.

How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

1. Plant bee attracting flowers.
Bees love flowers that are full of nectar and pollen. Butterfly bush, bee balm, allium, lupine, goldenrod, and coneflower are all wonderful choices and quite easy to grow. You also want to look for flowers with a cone shape that bees will be able to tunnel into and soak up the nectar and pollen that accumulates.

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2. Opt for natural pest control.
Bees can be harmed or deterred from gardens where insecticides are used. Don’t use chemical products if at all possible. Instead, opt for natural pest control products. For example, crushed coffee grounds or egg shells in your flower beds will repel slugs and snails. You can also spray dish soap and water onto plants to keep bugs like aphids and beetles away.

3. Offer protection for the bees.
You want to be sure you offer the bees that come and dine some protection from the weather. Large flowering plants, plants with broad leaves, and even garden art can help provide small nooks for bees to escape the elements. Make sure your garden has such spots in it that bees can hide during a storm.

Planting a bee friendly garden is as simple as planting to attract the bees, avoiding chemical products in the garden, and finally offering some protection from extreme weather. When you do these three tasks, you will find your garden to be a bee friendly one that they will love to buzz around and visit. In turn, you will be doing your part in keeping bees part of the important ecosystem and keeping the planet a beautiful one.

So welcome the bees into your garden with open arms (and lots of bee friendly flowers too!) Give these tips a try and see what all of the buzz is about.

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