Rose Colors and Meanings

Can you believe in a little over a month it will be Valentine’s Day? One thing I’ve always been fascinated by is flowers, especially roses and rose colors and meanings. Every rose color has a unique and a specific meaning that helps to convey a person’s thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we have a hard time … Read more

Low Carb Margarita With a Low Carb Strawberry Margarita Twist

I’m feeling those Friday night vibes right now, so I thought I’d follow up last weekends Low Carb Pina Colada with a couple low carb margarita recipes. I have a low carb margarita, AND a strawberry margarita recipe to share with you tonight! The limes DO add a couple carbs to this, but only a … Read more

Low Carb Pina Colada Recipe Hack

Thank you to my friend @sandy.jenney on Instagram for this low carb pinata colada recipe hack! No sure where it came from originally but it’s delicious! It uses Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice plus 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. Yesterday I couldn’t find the Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice, so I used Bai Coconut Pineapple still lower … Read more

Grilled Sweet Potato Bites Appetizer With Avocado and Tomato

If you’re looking for an easy, colorful, and healthy appetizer recipe for watching the game, or even for your next holiday party give this grilled sweet potato bites appetizer recipe with avocado and tomato a try. It’s vegan, gluten free, grain free, dairy free and loaded with healthy veggies and antioxidants. Did I mention flavor? … Read more

Creating Fall Backyard Displays

Fall is such a fun time to create fall backyard displays, with all the fall colors, and textures coming into store, farmer’s markets, and even in your own backyard. You can create a unique look by combining several things together into one display, or repeat one theme throughout your display. Here are a few fall … Read more